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General information

Do you have questions about our children's and adult courses, course equipment or ski passes? Here you will find an overview of the most important questions and answers. Should you wish to contact us directly, you will find the current office hours here.

General questiones and answers

How can I pay?

We prefer cash; you can also pay with credit card (Visa or Mastercard) as well as with EC card in the ski school office.

Do I have to buy the ski school ticket ahead of time?

Yes, a valid ticket must be given to the instructors by the end of the first day at the latest.

Are there lessons on Saturday?

Only private lessons are possible on Saturday – no group lessons.

Questiones and answers about lessons for children

From what age can children take the ski course?

From 4 years. For 4 year olds we recommend a trial day. It could turn out that it is still too early. The biological age does not always equal the chronological age. 

If the children don’t like it, is there a refund?

As a rule, fees are only refunded upon presentation of a doctor’s certificate (illness, injury). However, it is also possible to book a trial day, especially for the little ones. In any case we strive to find a fitting solution for everyone.

Does anyone go to the toilet with the children?

Yes, the ski instructors help the children with this.

Can I watch the children’s ski course?

Parents can watch the course, however the lesson should not be interrupted. Often it is better for the kids when parents are not directly around the practice area.

Where is the meeting point?

In front of the ski school office in Belpiano/mountain station at the gondola exit.
In front of the ski school Kinderland at Haideralm / mountain station at the gondola exit. 

From what age can one enter the youth group?

From 14 years old there are extra youth groups.

When does the final race take place?

Every Friday at 10:00 a.m.

When does the awards ceremony after the race?

Approximately one hour after the end of the race in the finishing area.

What does the final race cost?

Participation in the final race is included in the price of the ski school.

From what age can my child learn snowboarding?

In a group from 5 years old and from 4 years old with private lessons.

Can I start the children’s ski course any day of the week?

Beginner groups start Mondays and/or Sundays. The minimum group size is 3 participants. Advanced learners can join in every day.

Does my child need a helmet?

The ski school recommends all children and adults to wear helmets. Helmets are mandatory for children up to 14 years old.

Do group courses and private lessons need to be booked?

Yes, reservation is required. Registration by phone, e-mail or in our offices.

Can our children be in the same group?

The children are assigned to groups first and foremost based on their ability and age. If your kids or the kids’ friends have the same ability, please let us know at the time of registration and also at the start of the course and we will do our best to accommodate your request. If children do not ski at the same level of ability, the child who skis better has to watch out for those of lesser ability.

How large are the groups for children?

We try to divide the groups or make them so homogeneous that the ski instructor can create a methodically well-structured lesson. The group size varies between 3 and 9 children. It also happens that some groups consist of 5 and 6 children and in absolute exceptional cases of 10 children.

When do the kids use ski poles?

None of the children beginning need ski poles. For more advanced children, the rule for the first day is: kids who have already learned to ski with poles bring these with them on the first day. Kids that never learned to ski with poles come without them. For the following course days, the instructor gives you further information

Questiones and answers about lessons for adults

Where is the meeting point for adults?

In front of the ski school office, at the gondola exit in Schöneben.

How are the groups formed?

At the time of registration in the ski school office, a general grouping of beginners (first time on skis) and advanced skiers (attended one or more ski courses) is done. As a general rule: those who have beginner skills (safe braking, swerving) can move to the slope, that is the practice slope, while all others stay in the beginners’ area.

Where does the grouping take place for adults?

At the end of the fourth conveyor in Schöni’s Kinderland.  

At what time does grouping take place?

½ hour before the start of the course (9:30 a.m.)

How big are the adult groups?

The adults are also divided into groups of beginners (first time on skis) and advanced (from snow plough skiers to skilled skiers), whereupon advanced skiers are divided into different skill levels depending on their abilities. Based on our experience, the groups are between 3 and 7 participants.

Questiones and answers about ski equipment

Where can skis be rented?

In ski shops: the necessary equipment can be rented from Sport Folie in Resia / Sport Winkler in Resia / Sport Tenne in San Valentino / Sport Puko in San Valentino

Do you also offer ski rentals?

No, ski and sports equipment can be rented from all of the above-mentioned sports shops.

How long should my skis be?

That depends on your ability; you can get expert advice in the sports shops.

Questiones and answers about ski passes

Are the ski passes already included in the ski school prices?

No, the ski passes are not included in the prices and must be purchased separately.

Do beginners need a ski pass?

Anyone who uses a ski lift is required to have a ski pass, no matter if they are attending a ski school (private lesson or group course) or not.

Where is the ski pass office located?

At the Pitz base camp in Belpiano/Resia.

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